In every chapter you may invite students to relate their own lives to the various aspects presented.

Relating to the characters

Does the character remind them of anyone they know? Do they share anything [feelings, experiences, likes/dislikes,
family relationships] with the character? What has been more meaningful about the character?

Relating to the place

Each character lives in a different place in the United States. Some of them were born, or have parents born, elsewhere.
How familiar are the students with the places mentioned in the book? Do they know anyone from those places? What
have they learned about those places after reading from this book?

Relating to the ethnic/cultural background

Do they share ethnic/cultural background with the character? Do they know anyone who does? What has impressed
them the most about the character’s ethnic/cultural background? What have they learned?

Relating to the non-fictional information

How much did they know about the information presented in the chapter? What do they know now they did not know
before? What else would they like to know?

For more specific activities and questions to guide the dialogue, please see the pages for each individual themes.