My name is Andrés.

 I am both Colombian
oand Eduadorian.

 I live in Miami.

 I am Latino.


Questions to Initiate and Guide the Dialogue

Descriptive Phase

 What was Andrés initial impression of Isabel? Did he changed the way he saw her? How did that happen?

Personal Interpretive Phase

 Isabel was passionate about wanting to save the planet. What are you passionate about?

Critical/Multicultural/Anti-Bias Phase

 In the last century, human beings have done much harm to the planet. Perhaps initially they did not understand the extent of that harm, now that we know, what must we all do to stop it?

Creative/ Transformative Phase

 How can you contribute to save the planet? Individually? At home? At school?
 Is there something you and your classmates could do together on behalf of the planet?


Activities Students Can Do Individually or in Groups

 Students may feel more inclined to protect something they know and love.
Have students divide in groups to study different regions of Latin America. For example:
 the Amazonian forest
 el Pantanal
 the Andean Mountains
 the Yucatán Península
 Central America
They can look at the geographic aspects, the flora, the fauna, and share with the whole class what they discover that they previously did not know.

 Encourage them to work in groups to look at different aspects of planet diversity they would like to help protect: oceans; lakes and rivers; forests; mammals; birds; small animals, etc.
They can find out what are the greatest threats to these various aspects of nature as well as to the planet in general and, then, look for ways to support efforts on behalf of their protection.


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